Middle School Overview

Our middle school provides a bridge between the elementary level of education and the high school, offering an academic program designed to develop critical thinking and study skills that challenge and prepare students for the college preparatory high school.

Teachers are specialists in the academic topics they teach and are especially sensitive to the developmental changes of young adolescents. They offer biblical support and guidance that help each student reinforce and apply skills previously learned, but also stimulate their emerging ability in independent thinking, abstract reasoning, intellectual integrity, and social maturity.

The middle school’s interscholastic athletic program offers students 11 different sports over three seasons. The middle school also offers grades 7 and 8 the opportunity to make choices in the selection of elective classes.

6th Grade - A journey from 1200 - 1600

Students receive a planner, and are taught to keep track of all assignments and projects with an emphasis on the development of organizational skills, time management, and approaches to the study of various academic disciplines. This prepares the sixth grader for seventh grade, where self-reliance in handling the daily routine is expected. 

7th Grade - Freedom from 1600 - 1800

Oral communications continue with monthly recitations including excerpts from famous American speeches and documents. Students enjoy a study of music and arts, examining composers and artists of the time period. The science curriculum in seventh grade follows the theme of the Age of Enlightenment and Reason, learning through observation and experimentation. Students will study both scientists and the creation they examined, including the structure of the atom, elements, chemical reactions, acids and bases. They then use this knowledge as they delve into oceans and seas, geology, minerals, rocks and crystals, earth formation and erosion. Bible class focuses on the lives and character of the key figures of the New Testament. Student’s begin with Christ’s life, study the birth and growth of the church, travel along with the missions, incorporating the Epistles as written historically and finish with an overview of the Revelation of Jesus. This course emphasizes application of scripture in daily living.

8th Grade - 1800s to current 

Logic is one of the divine attributes of our Creator and eighth grade students begin a one-year study of formal logic, using it to explore this expression of God’s unchanging, orderly, truthful character. Studies are also continued in the arts and music. Students in eighth grade study Life Sciences and through direct observation, experimentation and dissection, learn about famous scientists. They also examine basic organic chemistry as an introduction to understanding the cell, its structure and function. Eighth grade Bible is a historical study of the Old Testament characters. Their great adventures show their strengths and weaknesses and God’s plan to redeem their lives for His glory and point to the coming of Christ from the very beginning of time. Our emphasis will be the application of scripture in daily living.
Grammar School (grades DK-5)
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School office hours: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM
Upper School (grades 6-12)
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South Campus (grades K-1)
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"The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical Christian education within a covenantal community."

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