Kaitlin Kirschner ('11) Focuses on Giving in her Career & Beyond

Kaitlin is striving to make a positive impact for Christ in the world.
After leaving the blue lockers of the PRCA hallways, Kaitlin Kirschner traveled to the rarified air of Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University. For now, the beautiful skies and the majestic mountains have captured her, for after her 2015 graduation in Health and Exercise Sciences, she has stayed in Colorado to build a career and a meaningful life.

Recognizing that people become who they spend time with, Kaitlin has been intentional about surrounding herself with people of character and admits that she had to make some hard decisions about friendships. Her community of confidants includes dear sorority sisters of Chi Omega and new friends in the city of Denver where she resides.
For the past four years, Kaitlin has worked at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation; the last two years she has been in their Corporate Partnerships division. Kaitlin knows that the secret to living is giving, so much of her time is spent encouraging donations to fund the Family Resource Center that ministers to the needs of patients’ families.

Kaitlin’s passion for caring has led her to be active in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She has discovered that surrounding herself with people who want to bring joy to children in trying circumstances has an uplifting and rejuvenating effect on her soul.

Just as in high school, Kaitlin is still an athlete, and she enjoys volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and camping. For the first time, she has her own apartment, and this has allowed her more time for personal reflection. Kaitlin is transparent about the fact that her faith has been through ebbs and flows, but she is excited to see her faith mature and what God has for her future. No doubt, He knows she wants to make a big, positive impact on the world. God is good.
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