PRCA is expanding! Our South Campus is ready to welcome new lions in August! PRCA’s classical curriculum will be taught in both Spanish and English at all grade levels.

The current building has been renovated and is equipped to serve 72 students this fall, in two kindergarten and two 1st grade classrooms. Items in the first phase include:
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas
  • Soccer Field
  • Service Kitchen
  • Mariachi Instruments
  • Administrative Offices and PRCA South Family Ministry Areas
Please join us to bring classical, Christian, dual language education to the south side of Tucson where we will build covenantal relationships with families who are longing for a better education for their children. PRCA South is an answer to prayer for the families in south Tucson; together, we can bring God’s Truth and His Love to an entire community.

For questions regarding enrollment, please contact Judi Poblano.

For questions regarding employment, please contact Principal Jonathon Basurto.

For questions regarding donations, please contact Janet Misiaszek or use the form below to partner with us.

No Gift is too small to make a difference in the life of a Lion!

All gifts of $1000 or more receive membership to our Lions Council, which includes an annual Athletic and Performing Arts Appreciation Pass, allowing free admission to all PRCA home athletic events (excluding AIA tournament games) and all B.O.W. productions as well as an invitation to our Annual Lions Council Donor Appreciation Event.

*Please note that under Section 2204 of the CARES Act, there are modifications for Charitable Giving allowing Americans who support charitable organizations in 2021 an above-the-line deduction of $300 for cash contributions for single filers and $600 for cash contributions for married filing jointly, whether or not they itemize their deductions. Further, for individuals, CARES suspends the 2021 cap of 60% of adjusted gross income limit for all charitable giving and increases it to 100%.
Grammar School (grades DK-5)
6450 N. Camino Miraval, Tucson AZ 85718
Phone: 520.529.7080
School office hours: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM
Upper School (grades 6-12)
9500 N. Oracle Road, Tucson AZ 85704
Phone: 520.797.0107
School office hours: 7:50 AM - 4:15 PM
PRCA South (grades K-1)
5951 S. 12th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone: 520.433.0285
*Coming Fall 2022!

"The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical, Christian education within a covenantal community."

“All for Christ and His Kingdom”