Protect Tax Credits

Arizona families have benefitted from two decades of a pro school-choice environment.  However, the days of simple advancement are over and we need to speak up to keep what we have. 
A Senate budget proposal was introduced that intends to eliminate or harm the private school tax credit scholarship programs in Arizona. A repeal of tax credits would be devastating to our school and thousands of families in Arizona.  Currently, 85% of PRCA students benefit from tax credit scholarships and tax credits provide 55% of PRCA’s operating budget.

Click here for the Senate Democrat Budget Proposal 
Click here for the Republican Budget Proposal
A recent article was written that shared valuable research on the positive benefits STO scholarships have on the state budget, with savings of at least $34.6 million, and upwards of $285 million per year, compared to the cost of educating those students in public school.  Click here to read the original article.

What can I do to protect our school and defend our children?

This is a critical time in our state’s history and we need to do all that we can to protect our children.  It is time to speak up and engage, before it’s too late.  Please contact your representatives via email or through social media (FB, Instagram and Twitter).  We urge you to read the short communications we will be sending out, share the information with friends, and most importantly, we urge you to pray. 

How do I find or contact my Arizona State Legislators?

    1. If you know your legislators, click here.
    2. If you do not know your legislators:
        • Click here to find the AZ legislative district you live in by entering your address and zip code located at the lower left corner.  When you click on this link you are leaving the Arizona State Legislature website and being redirected to the website for the Redistricting Committee. We have no control over their website.
        • After you find your district, return to this page and click here.  Find the district you are looking for to identify your legislators.
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