Affording PRCA

Christian Education is Possible for Your Family

Tax Credit and Empowerment scholarships help 90% of our students at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.

We encourage families to attend at least one of our Tax Credit Workshops, which are held from July through March and are open to current and prospective families. These workshops explain tax credits and ESA, and provide information on which option is best for your family. 

In addition, families may apply for financial aid by applying online at FAST for additional assistance (link below). 

Please contact me to set up a meeting to address any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to helping your family afford a Christian education!

Mrs. Kirstan Tobin, Director of Scholarships

Tax Credits

Recommended Tax Credits

STOs (School Tuition Organizations) have championed tax credits for 25 years and we encourage families to apply to several STOs. Ask family and friends to make their tax credit donations through ACSTO and to recommend your child(ren). Find a complete list of STOs here.

Many students have received funds through the scholarship organizations below.

Corporate Tax Credits

Corporate Low Income STOs are available to families with gross income below the amount listed in the chart for their household size. These funds can be combined with tax credits and we encourage our families to apply with multiple STOs. For families that qualify for these funds, you are also encouraged to apply for recommended tax credits at the links above.

Household Size Gross Income Household Size Gross Income
1 $49,900 5 $120,267
2 $67,492 6 $137,858
3 $85,083 7 $155,450
4 $102,675 8 $173,042

Many students have received funds through the scholarship organizations below.

Apply Online to FAST

Financial Aid and School Tuition (FAST) is a third party organization that helps to assess the financial aid needs of a family. Note that FAST has no money to allocate; they are simply a qualifying organization. Once the application has been processed by FAST, PRCA will notify the family of the financial aid result. We use these results as a guide when awarding financial aid. The cost is $53 per family and can be submitted starting February 1. For maximum consideration, apply by July 10 at the link below.

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)

ESA is a government-funded program that students qualify for if they reside in the state of Arizona. The ESA program cannot be combined with any other scholarships, such as tax credits or corporate low-income funds. Parents must apply in the quarter in which they wish to receive funds and provide the necessary documentation each ensuing quarter to prove tuition liability. Payments can either be made directly to PRCA through the pay vendor option, or parents may seek reimbursement for payments already made to the school by linking their bank account to ESA’s Class Wallet. Signed ESA contracts should be send to Kirstan Tobin in the Scholarship Office. 

Tax Credit Workshops (for current & prospective families)

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The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical, Christian education within a covenantal community.

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