Recommended Tax Credits

Tax Credit Scholarships

While a private school education is often desired by Christian parents, many do not believe that it is financially attainable. While this may be true in many states, Arizona is different. The Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit, passed into law in 1997, can make private school possible for anyone. Tax credit scholarships help 90% of the students at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.  

Arizona taxpayers have the option to make a donation to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit. Not only does the donor receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit, the best part is that the donation results in scholarships for students at our school! In essence, a tax credit is money that would be paid to the state anyway.

Our school partners with and promotes Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO). ACSTO’s goal is to make Christian education affordable for everyone. In addition to donations that are recommended for students, ACSTO gives our students hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional scholarships every year. They have championed tax credits for 25 years and through legislation, continue to fight to defend school choice for families. Visit their site here.

In addition to ACSTO, we partner with and accept tax credit scholarships from any state approved STO such as APESF, ASCT, ATC, and IBE.

For more information, email Kirstan Tobin or call 520-797-0107.
Three Easy Steps to Claim Your Tax Credit:

  1. Donate at ACSTO online or call 480-820-0403.
  2. Recommend a specific student or name “Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.”
  3. Use your donation receipt to file your state tax return for a dollar-for-dollar credit.
The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical, Christian education within a covenantal community.

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