Corporate Tax Credit Options

Corporate Tax Credits

The Corporate Tax Credit Program allows Arizona businesses to direct a portion or ALL of their state tax liability to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and receive a 100% dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their contribution. 

Thank you for investing in our students at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy … YOUR participation can change a young life!

Who can donate?
  • C-Corps (receive dollar-for-dollar tax credit)
  • S-Corps & LLCs Filing as S-Corps (pass credit to stakeholders)
  • Insurance Companies (receive dollar-for-dollar AZ tax credit for AZ premium taxes)
Who does it benefit?
  • Low-to-modest income students (A.R.S. & 43-1183)
  • Students with physical, learning, or emotional disabilities (A.R.S. & 43-1184)
  • Students who have been, or are currently, in the foster care system (A.R.S. & 43-1184)
Corporate Tax Credit Program Facts
  • Corporate tax credits must be made through a certified School Tuition Organization (STO).
  • The donation approval process starts July 1 of each year and is on a first-come, first-served basis until the statewide tax credit limit is reached.
  • The corporation may carry forward any unused tax credits for 5 years.
  • A corporation may recommend a school but not individual students.
For questions regarding your corporate tax credit donation, please contact one of our partner school tuition organizations or Kirstan Tobin, Director of Scholarships.

School Tuition Organizations

You may enroll with any of these state School Tuition Organizations:

Regarding Donations

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is not always informed of corporate tax credit donations from STOs. Please let us know if you are recommending PRCA for a corporate tax credit so that we can acknowledge your business.
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