“All for Christ and His Kingdom”
Upper School tours are on Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00 AM & 3:00 PM.

Grammar School tours are available on Wednesdays and by appointment.

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Come and see why Pusch Ridge may become your child's next "home away from home!"  
Here are some reasons to attend PRCA:
  • High Academic Focus- In the last ten years, 44 PRCA seniors have been designated National Merit Finalists or Commended Scholars.  The class of 2019 received a total of $7.8 million in scholarships.
  • Award Winning Fine Arts and Performing Arts Programs
  • Champion Athletic Programs offering 26 high school and middle school boys and girls teams
  • State of the Art science labs 
  • Small class sizes offering personal relationships with faculty and staff
  • Biblical worldview
  • AP and Honors Classes in Math, Science, Spanish, English and History
  • Dual Credit Classes in Economics. Engineering, AP English 11 & 12, History, Government and Honors Anatomy
Incoming students in grades 6-12 must take an entrance test which includes reading, vocabulary, and math placement.  Testing is done through a third party, ERB.  The cost is $120.  You may google ISEE entrance tests if you are interested in a study guide to help prepare for testing.  Please email Mrs. Robinson the test date you prefer and she will forward the link to register.  Students wishing to enroll in Honors English must also take a writing prompt which takes an additional 45 minutes.  Bring two #2 pencils and a book in case you finish the test early.  

Incoming K-5 students will be given a placement assessment in the spring on an individual basis.

Prior to testing, a family must have completed their on-line application.  The enrollment fee is $150 and will be billed within the contract upon acceptance.  

Due to increased enrollment, there will be three waves of acceptances for the 2020-2021 school year.  The most qualified, mission-appropriate students will fill vacancies first.  

Waves of acceptance are February 24, April 28 and June 28.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to be a Classical School?
The Classical Trivium describes the learning stages of children as they mature and focuses the educational method in each stage to best develop a knowledgeable, thinking, and articulate student. As its name implies, there are three stages represented in the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

What curriculum is used?
We do not use purchased curriculum but rather individual departments and teachers refine their courses of study (along with the Curriculum Coordinator) to meet the needs of the students and adhere to the mission of our school. The classical philosophy of education is reflected in PRCA’s curriculum with its focus on history, classic literature, timeless masterpieces of art and music, and math and science. All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective so that students may understand that God is the King of everything, from science to music to history, and that His Word is the absolute source of truth.

What are the class sizes at PRCA?
K-2 classes are capped at 16 students, and grades 3-5 have a limit of 18. Middle school students have a maximum of 22 students per class and high school classrooms are limited to 25 students.

How is the admissions testing used?
For grades K-12, testing assures that potential students are at grade level. As Math and Foreign Language classes are not organized by grade level, testing will determine placement.

Is PRCA accredited?
PRCA is accredited by ASCI (Association of Christian Schools International) and AdvancED.

Does PRCA offer Honors and AP classes?
Yes. High school students may select Honors and AP classes in core curriculum, including English, Math, Science, History and Foreign Language. Additionally, dual credit is offered for some classes through the University of Arizona and Colorado Christian University.

What are the high school graduation requirements?
The requirements for each student is 4 years of English, Math, Social Science and Bible, 3 years of Science, and 2 years of Foreign Language and Electives, including a semester of Fine Art. PRCA exceeds the Arizona Department of Education requirements.

Do teachers have Professional Development?
PRCA offers on-going professional development for all staff. New teachers participate in a three-year induction program that includes over 75 hours of workshops and observations working together on best practices to implement our mission statement. Professional Development opportunities are regularly offered to teachers and staff in workshops that are taught by teachers for teachers to learn what happens across curriculum in order to strengthen our interdisciplinary teaching approaches.

Student Life

What is student life like?
Grammar School students gather outside each morning for Opening Ceremony. Upper School students hear morning announcements where pledges and memory verses are recited. Chapel is offered one day a week, with mandatory attendance for K-12 students. They gather to worship, hear special guest speakers and often have small group time. High school students participate in the House System. PRCA offers strong fine arts, including performing and visual art offerings. Many students gather to support their classmates at athletic events, concerts and on the stage.

What extracurricular activities are available?
High school sports are offered through the Arizona Interscholastic Association, and athletes compete in the 3A South region. Middle school athletes participate in the TIAL league. Grammar School students have opportunities to play with classmates in sports leagues throughout the year. Various other clubs and organizations are offered for students, including Chess Club, Drum Line, Winter Guard, etc. Expeditionary Learning offers opportunities for participatory learning, like excursions, building, and first aid classes.

Is there a dress code; are there uniforms?
While PRCA does not have specific uniform requirements, there is a dress code for each campus. Generally, collared shirts are worn with pants or appropriate length shorts or skirts.

Where do students live/come from?
Our students and their families live all over Pima County, with some from Pinal County.

General Information

How will I know my child is safe?
Each campus has a dedicated CSO (Campus Security Officer) on the grounds each school day. Security cameras are installed throughout campuses.

Does our family need to be Christian to attend?
Referencing the covenantal community in our mission statement, PRCA requires that at least one parent sign our Statement of Faith. Over 80 different churches are represented by our families.

What is the expectation of parent involvement?
We encourage all parents to volunteer throughout the year. There are many opportunities, but no specific requirements.

Is tuition assistance/financial aid available?
89% of our families receive scholarships through ESA or tax credit scholarships.  There are application requirements for different types of scholarships, but all families are able to benefit from the AZ Private School Tax Credit Scholarship.  Parents are encouraged to attend the Tax Credit Workshops offered throughout the year. You may also set an appointment with our Scholarship Advisor to receive more inforomation.

What is the cell phone policy?
Cell phones are not to be used on campus, during the school day or until 4:00 PM. Messages to or from parents may be relayed through the front office. Students are allowed to place a phone call outside the building after the school day ends. We believe this policy encourages less distractions and more face-to-face conversations.

School Information

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Grammar School
6450 N Camino Miraval, Tucson AZ 85718
Phone: 520.529.7080
Fax: 520.529.7140
Office hours: 8:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Upper School
9500 N Oracle Road, Tucson AZ 85704
Phone: 520.797.0107
Fax: 520.797.0598
Office hours: 7:50 AM - 4:15 PM

Our Mission Statement

"The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical Christian education within a covenantal community."  
A K-12 classical, Christian, covenantal school that partners with the Christian home and church. Rooted in the Christian intellectual tradition, we focus on the development of the whole child: body, mind, soul and spirit. Our graduates are a reflection of our vibrant culture as they are servant leaders who seek wisdom and to glorify God in every arena.